Madonna of Ghisallo Sanctuary – Cycling Museum

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Ghisallo is one of the most noted places for cycling lovers world-wide; each year it is the destination of thousands of athletes who come here to visit the Madonna of Ghisallo Sanctuary and, since 2006, the Cycling Museum. The Sanctuary dates back to the 17 th century, and inside is conserved a painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary, called the Madonna of Ghisallo, proclaimed Patron Saint of Cyclists by Pope Pius the 12 th in 1946.

Inside the church are conserved the bicycles, the jerseys and memorabilia that have rendered this sport famous. To the visitor, each object transmits emotions, history, hard work and glory, a visit to the sanctuary never leaves the visitor indifferent – be it an athlete or a common tourist. The Sanctuary’s restricted space, the numerous relics gathered through the years, and the desire to give the right amount of relevance to this fascinating place, saw to the opening, in the summer of 2006, of the Madonna of Ghisallo Cycling Museum.

The museum, despite its majesty, is harmoniously inserted into the territory, without architectural barriers. Inside there is a unique collection of bicycles, starting from the first models on the market, up to those of modern day, from wood to carbon. We find various sections: multi-media, photo, video, curiosities, period newspapers. The visitor is struck by the quantity of memorabilia tied to past and present champions of whom no one wants to forget